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James Lowden
Retired Safety Director
Dave Martin
Married 2
Marilyn Mazziotti
Retired 1
I probably won't be coming to the reunion because the people I hung out with and cared about probably won't be coming either.  My father got relocated in the middle of my junior year, and that's why I ended up at Snider.  I hated every minute of it.  To this day I do not willingly enter the state of Indiana.  I am a feminist and a liberal Democrat; also probably not welcome at your reunion.  Just as I had to push myself through one and a half years at Snider, so have I pushed myself through a successful career at Procter & Gamble from which I am now retired.  Volunteer at my local library.
Bob Meyer
Accounting Widowed 3
Leslye (Lee) Elliott (Mohrman)
Therapist/Behavior Consultant semi retired Divorced 4
Terry Moore
Married 2
Deb Blackwell (Mustard)
Candace Hutson (Nadler)
Profile picture
Real Estate Investor Widowed 1
Rand Parker
Retired Programmer and Tech Writer Married
Linda Wolf (Pendleton)
Retired Dietitian Married
Jack Peterson
Lawyer Married
Aging rocker.
Cami De Mond (Pond)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired OR Nurse Married 4
Sarah Olsen (Porter)
Oracle e-Business Suite Developer Married 3
Nancy Crawford (Reitenour)
Retired Teacher Widowed 2
Eric Retrum
Physician Married 4
Joint reunions with the Class of '67 made sense in our early postgraduate years, and we owe a thank-you to those great organizing efforts of our classmates.

Looking forward to a 50th reunion all our own 8/4/18

Please register and reconnect with your classmates.  

Robert Richey
Profile picture
Retired - U.S. Gov't Widowed 2
Hope to attend next class reunion.
Rick Roe
retired - library volunteer Married 3
Hello Fort Waynians and the rest of you! Looking forward to seeing everyone again. I promise not to cut my hair till we meet. Old and in nobodys way, I also promise not to bring my grandkids - you probably have enuff of 'em already. Make mine a Stoli martini. If possible , I'll try to help w a donation to enable others, tho' I'm hardly well off meself. Sorry I can't supply a photo, but this is about as computer literate as I get. You don't want to see that anyway! Ha!
Till August then.  RICK
John Savage
Sr. Field Service Engineer Married 2
Bruce Schemehorn
Research Director, retired Married 2
Retired and loving it. Spending time with three grandchildren and in Florida.
Paul Schlatter
manager Married 4
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